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Halfway There

By: Dan Munizzi   Well, today I turn 50 years old..a “half-century”..”the big 5-0!” In the last 6 months or so, as I have been approaching this “milestone” birthday, I have been reflecting on my life, as I imagine most …

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Let’s Go Swimming!

Many times our approach to life can be very restrictive. We don’t need someone else to tell us what we can’t do or what can’t be done, because we do such a great job of telling that to ourselves!   …

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Knock It Off

  Recently I was having a hard day and feeling a little discouraged. I was guilty of doing what we all do and I focused on what I didn’t have instead of being grateful for what I do have. Usually, …

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Take The First Step

When God gives you an assignment, you may not have doubts, but you will always have questions. Questions, like How? When? Where? Who will help me? What if people don’t catch the vision? Many…

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Created to Praise

We were created by God to praise! It’s built into our DNA! Even a simple thing like smiling which most of us take for granted, can change our mood.

It’s actually been shown that people who can’t smile…

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EPIC Worship

EPIC Worship has been in the hearts of my husband Dan and I for the past 5 years, and about 4 years ago we partnered with several churches and worship leaders in the city of Orlando, and began holding…

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End of 30 Days of Praise

Thank you for joining us during the 30 Days of Praise!
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30 Days of Praise Week 4 Video

30-days-of-praise-week-4-video ‎
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He’s Waiting On You

2012! It’s a brand new year! Another year to believe for bigger and better things than we experienced in 2011! A new year always brings new hope, new excitement, and a belief that this could finally…

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