Epic Worship School of Ministry: Course Descriptions

Semester I
January – April 2014
Course 1: Ministering by the Holy Spirit

This course will cover how to prepare to minister, how to lead people to salvation, and how to lead others into the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We will also delve deeper into the understanding and discovery of the personality, character, and desires of the Holy Spirit. We will study the book of Acts and show how the church relied upon the person of the Holy Spirit.


Course 2: Marriage & Relationships

This course will help you develop a biblical basis for marriage and family, identifying relevant current issues that both marriages and the families encounter. It will also equip you to build your own life-giving and exemplary marriage and family, while navigating the challenges that life and ministry can throw at you.


Course 3: Theology of Grace

We will discover how God’s grace grounds and empowers everything in the Christian life. Grace is the basis for our Christian identity and spiritual growth. Grace transforms our desires, motivations, and behavior.


Course 4: Spiritual Dominion

In this course we will learn how to break free from the trap of intimidation and fear that all leaders encounter. Breaking the power of intimidation will destroy fear’s hold over you and teach you to release God’s gifts, anointing, and dominion in your life.


Semester II:
August – November 2014
Course 5: Ministry Development

This subject equips you to develop and run a ministry program, exploring strategies for researching, planning and building new and successful ministry opportunities within the church or reaching out to the community. It covers topics like understanding your target audience and their context, developing effective communication strategies, building and managing a ministry start-up team, and measuring and evaluating ministry success.


Course 6: Transition in Ministry

Throughout this course, you will be presented with the invaluable truths and principles of transition in ministry as it is outlined in the Scriptures. By examining the lives and stories of such Biblical examples as Joshua, Samuel, Jesus and His disciples, the elements of transition will be made more and more evident through the understanding of God’s divine process.


Course 7: Ephesians – Blueprint for Maturity

In this course you will be challenged with how to fulfill God’s plan for your life. You will learn how to integrate the Word into your everyday life and discuss how to be a better witness to others.


Course 8: History of Worship in the Tabernacle II

What can a 3,000 year-old piece of history teach me about worship? What is the right way to worship God? Throughout history, God has chosen to provide a way for man to worship Him, and for nearly five hundred years, the Tabernacle was that way. Through this detailed study of the Tabernacle, you will learn that there is a biblical order to worshiping our Creator.



Our full-year students are required to serve at all EPIC Worship events.