Epic Worship School of Ministry: FAQ

What will I learn in the classes?

Classes focus on these primary areas of study: Practical Ministry Leadership, Theological and Biblical Foundations, and the Principles of the Life of a Worshiper. Classes are designed to be an integrated, interactive learning experience.


How long is the school and what is a typical week’s schedule?

As a full-time student, approximately 3 hours a week will be spent in class. Each class will take place one night per week for 2 ½ – 3 hours in total, and will include two teaching sessions with breaks in between and one ½ hour application session. Each class will also consist of a group session where homework and previous teaching sessions will be used to stimulate discussion. Each course runs four weeks long and there are twelve classes in each course. There are four courses per semester and two semesters per year. In addition, another 5-10 hours a month in worship ministry commitments, such as helping with our monthly EPIC worship meetings, assisting in the worship ministry office, and volunteering at our annual and bi-annual conferences. Of these time commitments, only classes, and services have a fixed schedule.


What Day does the First Semester Start?

The First Semester starts on Monday, January 6, 2014 @7pm and goes through April 2014.


Can I take classes without being enrolled as a full-time student?

Yes! Anyone can take any amount of classes at a per-course fee rate but we strongly encourage students to enroll for the entire semester to get the maximum benefit. For more information please contact our offices directly at: 407.834.5620 or on our website at: www.marthamunizzi.com.


What worship opportunities are available through the school?

Through the Epic Worship School of Ministry, students will have the opportunity to connect with other ministries that are in relationship with Epic Worship. Students may also get involved in participating on the Epic worship team, and at our yearly conferences.


Is college credit available?

Through a strategic partnership with Faith Christian University, students can obtain college credit for their work here. If a student chooses to pursue credit through FCU, they will need to complete an additional application for their respective program on orientation day. Additional tuition fees for FCU may also apply.


What will I receive upon completing the program?

All full-time students who complete each semester and finish in good standing will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing semesters 1 and 2.


Is Epic Worship School of Ministry only for worship leaders and musicians or can anyone attend?

Anyone can attend the Epic Worship School of Ministry! Our courses provide a biblical foundation for all areas of ministry. No matter what your calling is, at Epic Worship School of Ministry you will gain a deeper understanding of God’s word that will transform your life and further equip you for ministry.


Who can apply?

We anticipate drawing a variety of ages to the Epic Worship School Of Ministry. Applicants must be at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.


Can I visit to check things out for myself?

We’d love to have you visit the Faith Christian University campus! Prior to each semester, we will have an “Open House” catered to prospective students. We’ll give you a tour of the campus, introduce our leadership, chat with our teachers and faculty, and answer any questions you may have. We believe the school speaks for itself and would love to give you a firsthand look. Please check periodically for updates on this and other events throughout the year at: marthamunizzi.com.


Is childcare provided for students?

No, there is no childcare provided.


Where is Epic Worship School of Ministry located?

Currently classes are being held at the FCU campus at 6000 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL. 32807


What will I need for my classes?

All you will need is a pencil or pen, Bible, textbook and notebook. Also feel free to bring your laptop or Tablet!


What is the cost of the Epic Worship School of Ministry?

Tuition for the Epic Worship School of Ministry is $499 per semester for Non- Accredited students, and $739 per semester for Accredited students. 
*Required course materials and textbooks will be available at an additional cost.


What is the method of payment?

For your convenience, we have four (4) payment options:
1. Certified Check
2. Cash
3. Money Order
4. Credit Card
For more information please contact our offices directly at: 407.834.5620. 
Personal checks will be accepted for application fee only. Return check fee of $25.


Are there any second year options?

Yes! 2nd year students will have to complete requirements that will qualify them to earn a Certificate II degree.


Something we didn’t mention?

Please contact us at info@marthamunizzi.com or call us at: 407.834.5620