Good Idea or God Idea?

Whenever an idea pops into my head, or someone else presents an idea to me, there is a “litmus test” I like to run it through to see if it’s God, or just Good. First, an idea has to excite me, and then it has to motivate me to take action. Second, I share the idea with the mentors in my life, and get their advice before I forge ahead and throw all of my energy behind it. I believe it’s vital to get at least 3 confirmations from the most important people in my life who are there to protect me, by helping me steward my ministry. Third, if I can maintain excitement for the idea for at least 2-3 days, then I move ahead and begin the planning process. This is how my latest idea, our very 1st Epic Women’s Conference, began!


Over the years I’ve learned that just because I’m excited about doing something doesn’t mean that it’s a God idea. Now I don’t mean that it would be a “sin” to do it, it just may not be the right time for the idea. I’m an idea person and I’m capable of having several ideas a day, but that doesn’t mean that I should change the direction of where I’m headed and dive into something new. But I digress..


It’s amazing to me, that when God asks me to do things that I’ve never done before, He always equips me to do it! I’m grateful for the brilliant people that God has surrounded me with, but sometimes even they feel ill-equipped to do things that will take them into the unknown and beyond their comfort zone.  What’s incredible is that God will never ask us to do something that He won’t give us the power and the wisdom to do. Never..Not Ever! I love that about Him!!


Like I said earlier, I can come up with ideas all day, but in the past it has been the implementation of those ideas that I’ve struggled with. It’s not enough to dream it, you have to do the work to see the dream become a reality! But again I digress..


Now that the decision had been made to move forward with the idea, the work began. When to schedule the conference? Where should we have the conference? Who do we invite to the conference? All of these questions were demanding to be answered. Some of my biggest concerns were; will I answer these questions correctly?..will I make mistakes? I had to come to the realization that the answer just might be yes! I will make mistakes and do things this time that I’ll know better not to do next time. Actually, I wouldn’t even call them mistakes. It’s part of the learning process, and I’m just thankful for what God is teaching me through the process!


After several weeks of planning, the date for our very 1st Epic women’s conference had arrived! We were all very excited and also very nervous. We had prayed and planned for at least 200 women to come, and by the time it was over we had over 400! For the next 3 days God surprised us in so many ways! Most importantly, His presence was so strong throughout the entire conference! Women came from all over the country to get in God’s presence and learn how to “Fight Like A Girl!” Btw, that was the name of the conference! 🙂


Throughout the conference we shouted, danced, worshipped, and received incredible teaching that literally transformed our lives. Lisa Bevere, Mary Alessi, Pastor Riva Tims and so many other powerful women shared their testimonies and helped strip away the masks that separated us from the truth. Women were empowered to be “She-roes” to their children and to minister to their families. We were reminded that women are not a problem…they are an Answer!


All I can say is that when the conference was over, I was overwhelmed at God’s faithfulness and greatness! All I had to do was say YES, and be obedient to the dream God had planted in my heart! God was not worried about how experienced I was, because He was fully prepared to multiply my efforts by His strength! And that’s exactly what He did! I’m still in awe at God’s goodness!


I wish I could say that I never once doubted God had spoken to me, or that I never complained or tried to quit. Unfortunately all of these things are true. BUT, the important thing is I didn’t quit! I kept moving forward. Even when it seemed during the process of planning the conference that things weren’t going according to plan. At one point when things got difficult, it seemed like maybe I was planning something that may have been just a good idea.  That’s when I reminded myself of God’s word that says, “We walk by faith and NOT by sight!” I also remembered that I wasn’t doing this alone. I had the blessing of the people around me, so I pressed on past my negative thoughts and feelings. There are no words to describe how happy I am that I did!  One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned through this process is to not stress too much on whether or not your idea is a good idea or a God idea. Just be obedient and focus on the fact that every God idea is REALLY GOOD!! 😉

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  1. Solyman says:

    Wow, amazing story. Mostly just the fact that you heard God’s voice and then took aciton. Too many times I think I want to do what’s right but I don’t really trust that the inspiration I’m feeling is really God speaking to me. There have been numerous occasions where I have thought about doing something like this and then was too afraid to act for whatever reason and then went home disappointed with myself and replayed the event over and over in my mind. I am inspired by your faith and trust. Thank You. Hopefully next time God is trying to nudge me, I will remember your act of faith and do likewise.

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